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Gone, I couldn't murder your promise
Right before my eyes
The revolutions of my psychosis
Kept me outta the way

Once inside, all I hold is ash

Fall, suppressing every feeling
I'm in so much pain
I have every fuckin' right to hate you
I can't take it!
The hardest part was knowing that I could never be you
Now all I do is sit around and wish I could forget you

My demise! I took a life worth living
And made it worth a mockery!
I deny! I fold, but they keep on coming
(Stop) I'm always ready to die
But you're killing me!

Who are you to me? Who am I to you?
Is this a lesson in nepotistic negligence?
By default, you are my only link to the outside
Psychosomatic suicide
Where were you when I was down?
Can you show me a way
To face everyday with this face - goodbye

My demise, I took a life worth living and
Made it worth a mockery
I deny, I fold, but they keep on coming
(Stop) I'm always ready to die
But you're killing me

When I blur my eyes, they make the whole
World breathe, I see you fucking me
And I am absolutely controlling every urge
To mutilate, the one and only answer
So much for memories
I wanna dress in your insecurities
And be the perfect you, I'm through
I'm out-stretched out for all to loathe
Here we go, the ultimate irony

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