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Drags And Squares

Sloppy Meateaters

do you shrink
do you flee
do you question who you believe

got your hair all up in your face
and your clothes from outer space
you're so like whoa
you're no big deal

question who takes the profit
on your self esteem allotment
follow your zero in the sky
and own your life

you know you got your whole life ahead of you
it gets better

don't let the drags and the squares try to mold ya
you're apathetic 'cause you're doing what they told ya
you ain't punk rock, you just a pit stop
demographics floating in their stock mart

it's not real
they're playing to your fears
and I for one will not be part of it

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Written by: John Elwell / Josh Chambers. Isn't this right? Let us know.