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Watch you smile through crooked teeth
Make your stand on broken feet
You can't hit what you cant see
What was once again will be

Get my ride on
Get my motherfuckin' homicide on
You can't fuck with me

(rap part)
Fools real to the wheels
But now I got my specks
Now it's time I pulled the game
And check don't let me pull my Cheque
You can't ride with the one - you don't know me
All the niggers like Hooper went homicidal with Tobey

Hey you
You puss cant fuck with me
You puss cant fuck with me

(rap part)
Close your eyes
Shut your mouth
Stop crying like a bitch
Take it like a man
Show some love or make it quit
Have a fag pissin' in a bag dressed in drag
Otherwise you'll wear a motherfuckin' toe tagg
(Audio apoclypse sound Armageddon)


Audio apoclypse sound Armageddon

Beauty's only knee deep
Ugly's to the core
Take your thanks and compliments
And fuck yourself some more


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