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Loosen' Control

Snoop Dogg

Baby u got me going crazy,
I'm loosing my mind

I keep on loosen' control, and I dont even know,
girl, u hurt me oh so bad cuz I loved you so
but it doesn't matter now, (bitch)cuz I'm feeling better now,
so whatever u do, it will come back 2 you (bitch)

I wuz in love at times, I wuz so hurt she made me forget
my rhymes (x 2)
now who would ever think that I wanted a home, 3 kids
and a wife, never be alone, a dog on the lawn and a
picket fence, having sumone on the side, it didn't make
sense, be a family man sportin' a wedding band, I heard
the niggaz on ur pager didn't give a damn,I gave u 80% of
all my trust in you, the other 20% wuz cool cuz we would
make it thro, I told the nigga like chris tucker don't beworryin
about what the f*** I be doin', we wuz making chemistry and
who wuz he? and how did he know the deal about you and
me?I fell 2 my knees and asked the girl why, she looked in
my eyes w/ no reply, so I cry, I wuz inlove at times, I wuz so
hurt she made me forget my rhymes


I wuz in love at times, I wuz so hurt she made me forget my
rhymes, they say the game don't wait, well the game better
wait 4 me, I'm spendin' my time while i write these rhymes,
and u r 4 real, sippin' wines, girl use a dime, got me loosen'
my mind, well if lovin' u is crime, I'm about 2 do my time,lock
me up and throw away the key, I once heard this wuz the
way love wuz suppose 2 be, girl I see u and me forever, we
can do things that u never thought u coulda, about the
hooda is where I took you, never overlooked you, can't
believe u shook 2 another spot, I wuz cold but now I'm hot,
I'm trynna find you, what am I 2 do, I gave u everything that u
need, and u took me fo granted


I wuz inlove at times,
I wuz inlove at times,
I wuz inlove at times,
I wuz inlove at times.
you know what girl? I mean, I wuz inlove w/ you and u did me
like that. but u know what they say, what goes around
comes around

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Compuesta por: Danny Butch Means / Hurby Luv Bug Azor / Priest Brooks / S. Brown / Snoop Dogg. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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