It Doesn't Matter Where, Just Drive

Snow Patrol

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You are far too fragile to exist
I didn't see the hand I'd never kiss
And I barely felt your heartbeat inside of me
The empty patter of your feet is too fast to see

The families all gather round
And they make some sympathetic sounds
Even though I know they're only trying to take my mind off it
I just wanna sit alone and cry myself into a fit
And fall asleep

I would have loved to watch you as you slept
I fill the frames of pictures that I kept
Of you leaping into action on some muddy football field
Or holding the attraction of the one that makes you feel so sick

And I choose to see the life I live
It's one of triumph and of joy that gives
Made of something to hold onto as I'm falling through myself
To the part of me that held you on the darkest shelf inside me

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Composition: Gary Lightbody / Jonny Quinn / Nathan Connolly / Paul Wilson / Tom Simpson · Is this not the composer? Let us know.
Sent by Gabrielle
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