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Dynamite Lyrical Flow - They Dont Know

So Solid Crew

Why dem ah watchin me?
Is it pure jealousy?
I don't, wanna, wanna fight tonite
Why dem ah stand and screw
Me nah have no thing for you
I don't wanna, wanna fight tonite....

When I step on the microphone, explosive,
people hatta pimp and play like they know this,
but they never see the dynamite get ferocious,
yet ah show this,
Watch how I blow this,
When ah step up on this MC thing
Hear good vibes ah try tuh bring i try tuh fling
But its time to show im not playin
Behind meh back gwan ah chat, but ah know what they sayin
See dem nah know bout me lyrically dibadee,
I'm a lady, come fi set the M-I-C on fire
Take de ravers dem higher make de evil fear
Never be like me,
Me ah tell yuh dem no see, lyrical ability to put them
6ft d double e p test me,
i'm a take u to ur final destination,
I go to town like ah trigger,
Make dem more like river bomb squad
Them ah shiver when my bomb deliver,
Anyone ah test i'mma bury yah
Didn't yuh mother never tell yuh nah play with fire.

Is it that fuck them dat wanna player,
Is it that fuck them dat wha be slayer
Have them bawlin like them was town cryer,
Ha be likely that So Solid is their desire
But they don't know how i spit
They don't know that i won't quit
I put ah stop to them bull shit
Make dem cry like dem shock dem head
And they don't know about he
Don't see that them bad mind only
Make me more determine to suceed
Dynamite So Solid sick of the envy.

They don't know about my crew
They don't what i do,
They don't know about my flo
They don't know where i go......
They don't know about my click
They don't know about my shit
They wanna know about my doe
But i don't spend it i let it grow!

There's no need for fightin
Who needs to be united
Can't you see we're fightin for no reason its like this

(2 b cont'd)

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