Through Toxic Veins


Arousing kiss of tempting pointed lips
Penetrating scuff-marked abiotic flesh
It clarifies my sceptic view of life
Sucks me in my darkest nights

Dissolving all my soul's extract
In my enraptured mind
A pathogen of cruellest dreams
Succumb to my desire
Snake of decay
Bloody stains
Through toxic veins

Mental impurification in progress
Teasing with these rattlesnakes
I'm saddle-sore through my ride of gore
Crucifixion of these rotting corpses

Shooting at the frontline
Spitting from the top
And on my way back
I will step the mob
I'm raped and caressed
Inside my head
Through toxic veins

The evil is inside
Trapped is my faith into you

Carnivorous ferocity
Disfigured chunks of flinching meat
The epidemic spreads with tremendous wrath
Decomposing fragmented carcass

Frenetically i fall for thee
Through toxic veins
My deadly elixir
I roam and seek
Embalmed and meek
Through toxic veins
Through toxic veins

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Written by: Nadja Herten / Sodom / Tom Angelripper. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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