I move along with my guitar, never goes away
She is with me through the night and in the morning she stays
I wash away like yesterday, float down the stream through all my ways
She accompanies my steps in all my days
She has six strings that I know just how to work and how to play
We speak a language of our own every minute of the day
We get along into the song
I find her heart and I make it strong, and
She backs me up when everyone has gone away, and
She sings to me

She never goes very far
She stays around no matter what I am doing
She is there for me
I know that she don’t know the words
I don’t care, I kinda like it
Less the talking, a little more the melody
She reaches out without a touch
She knows that whatever I love
Ends up broken in the past and out the door
I have broken her before I let her fall onto the floor
I call it character and I love her more
When she sings to me

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