When You first entertained my invitation
I was eager to show You every room of Your new home
You spoke of Your intent for a sweeping transformation
And assured me, I wouldn't be working alone

By the light of the fire is where You said You'd be
And everyday You were there waiting for me
Waiting for me to...

To talk of the things I'd been stumbling over
So You could open my eyes
Take all Your mysteries, pull back the curtains
Leaving them nowhere to hide
When we sat fireside

I'm trying but now I can't even remember
What was the matter that mattered so much that it pulled me away
Urgency turned out to be a clever pretender
Pretending tomorrow I'd see You the way that I should have today

And it pains me to know how You've missed me
And how everyday You've been waiting for me
Waiting for me to...


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