Well, I got up this mornin', jinx all around, jinx all around, 'round my bed
And I say I got up this mornin', with the jinx all around my bed
Know I thought about you, an' honey, it liked to
kill me dead
Oh, look-a here now, baby, what you want me, what you want me, me to do?
Look-a here honey, I say, what do you want poor me to do?
You know that I done all I could, just tryin' to get along with you
You know, the blues ain't nothin' but a low-down shakin', low-down shakin', achin' chill
I say the blues is a low-down, old, achin' chill
Well, if you ain't had 'em, honey, I hope you never will
Well, the blues, the blues is a worried heart, is a worried heart, heart disease
Oh, the blues is a worried old heart disease
Look like the woman you be lovin', man, is so
hard to please
I'd rather be outdoors, walkin' up, walkin' up and down the road
I say, I'd rather be outdoors, I say, just walkin' up and down the road
Than to be layin' around here, workin' just for my board and clothes
Hey, look-a here, little girl, don't you cry, don't you cry, cry no more
I say, look-y here, darlin', honey, don't you try to cry no more
Well, when I leave this time (spoken: I'm gonna) hang
on your door

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