I knew a place, when I was just a little boy
I use to go there, oh it was my pride and joy
I had no mom and dad then, but I met a wise women
She told me son, you've got to sing
You sing from your soul little boy

And I called her (mama soul)
Yes I called her mama soul (mama soul)
It's what I call her now (mama soul)
Oh yeah

Well I loved that place, the warm feeling in the air
I use to sit there, mama soul, in her rocking chair
And then one day I asked her
Why her skin wasn't the same as mine
You know what she said?
She told me son, never you mind
Just sing from your soul little boy

And I loved her (mama soul)
Yes I loved her mama soul (mama soul)
How I love her now (mama soul)
Oh mama soul
Well I'm your boy (mama soul)
Yes I'm your little boy (mama soul)
Ohhhh (mama soul)
Mama soul

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