One day you will forgive me for tears I don't believe in,
For the dark I hide inside myself.
Till light won't tear my sorrow I'll be always lost in raving
Labyrinths of minds.

Perhaps you tried to heal me, to save my world from all the
Ghosts that swallow me with all my dreams.
But now I've learnt my curse and no one follows me throughout this
Haze inside myself.

Burning sorrows in the lightning of deliverance
Sacred fire while the darkness lights my consciousness
I see my life seems always shattering
On a cliff of death
And my visions slowly sail away

Falling silence in the nothingness again for me,
In the wind there is a path that leads so far away.
I see your life is lost, betrayed, in a sacrifice
While I'm always waiting for my sunrise

I Fall...I fly, so high. No, can't you feel me ?
Your spirit your soul is so far.
How can you reach my soul now...
... again?

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