Jubilee, everybody sings with me.
Jubilee, every body dance with me.
Jubilee, finally I've been set free
I'm free, free, yeah yeah yeah.

Drop tracks not for money or fame after this
ya'll gone know the name it's Nureaumerica.
Party time you can tell whe the cars fill the
parking lot, and the beats so bangin you don't
want it to stop. Huh, I know you feel when
T-Boy prepares the track for my grill.
I asked G-Hydro to spot me a dollar then I roll
to juanbertos to get my horchata. I'm a keep it real,
don't care how you feel I'm here to change the way
you think not to make a mill.
Money only last so long like a played out
song but when you walkin right you can't go
wrong. So all my SoulJahz in or out the
put your hands in the air and praise
boost his name, and adjust your transmission
cause the world betta listen to the words
comin outta the mouth of this Christian. Uh

Ay yo I go by the name of Jo'shua,
hypnotically pronounce it with the yes y'all.
Move yo feet when you hear the beat drop as
the heat drops to the floor got the world
beggin' for more. See I said it before time to
settle the score, send my rebels to war never
ignore heavenly doors. Seventy floors I bet
you thought you'd never explore, the
Souljahz and Tonex collabo' never before.
Don't get it twisted, you turned yo back an
you missed it, didn't understand so you dissed
it. Get this Righteous Hip-hop done teamed
up with Nureau, title track"Jubilee" you know.
Yeah It said it, I rep' God and proudly admit,
give me a mic and I'll spit it 'till everyone of
y'all get t. I don't really care who you are,
what your name is, where you came from,
what gang you band with. 'Cause in the end
you answer tothe same King that I do. Shoot
one at Him and catch five back inside you.
So put your guns away, sheath your swords,
heed the force let it be with you, power to my
people. Or better yet power to my Souljahz
around the globe holdin' it down, I see y'all
holdin'yo crown, explodin' my sound and
never stop until they send the army for us,
Zsa Zsa bring it the chorus.

Woke up this morning feelin all right cause I
got the Ju-jubilee kinda vibe. Uh Oh didn't
know gril got soul? Flow to the beat and make
ya loose control and say Jub to the izz I L
double izz E, get up out your seat and move
your body to the bizzeat. Hip-hop, you hop to
the hip beats we drop cause we go on and on
ya know we won't stop. Didn't understand how
we flipped it. Righteous hip-hop drops Oh the
world goes ballistic. T bizzi on the beat
bringin heat. Get up out ya seat move ya
feet. Like like a "dacin machine" or a
"dancing queen". cmon, cmon sing with me.
I have, I have been set free. Cause I believe
in the king most high. Messiah, Elohem, my
Christ. So throw your hands way up in the sky
wave em side to side and get real live. Don't
let your chance of real love pass you by. Y'all
can't deny testify till I die. Tonex and
Souljahz calleb on my! Zsa Zsa girl cmon
take us to the sky.

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Written by: Allan Felder / Anthony Williams / Norman Harris. Isn't this right? Let us know.