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Uncle Hickory's General Store

South Sixty Five

Ragtop Plymouth, Alabama plates
Friday night, no one's got a date
Spinnin' on the curves, temptin' fate
Wishin' we were twenty-one
I look at Billy, he looks at me
And we burn rubber down to route fourteen
And pull in beneath the sign that reads

Catfish, beer and bait
Gatorade and moonpies
Next gas twenty-five miles
Sittin' at the counter
Me and Billy Jones
Haggard on the Philco dial
Watchin' Caroline
Don'tcha know she looks fine
Stirrin' up the chili pot
The world waited at the door
Of Uncle Hickory's General Store

Now, Billy winks at Caroline
Says I like my women on the older side
She leans real close and says "Honey Child"
Come on back in a year or two
And then her boyfriend comes
And he looks real mean
And we swagger out in our best James Dean
And in the rear view we can see


Every year about Christmas time
I get a card from Billy and Caroline
And it takes me back in time to...


Yeah the world waited at the door
Of Uncle Hickory's General Store

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