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You Were There

Southern Sons

I guess you've heard
I guess you know
In time I'd have told you
But I guess I'm too slow
It's overly romantic
But I know that it's real
I hope you don't mind
If I say what I feel
It's like I'm in somebody else's dream
This could not be happening to me

But you were there
And you were everything I'd never see
You woke me up from this long and endless sleep
I was alone
I opened my eyes and you were there

Don't be alarmed
No don't be concerned
I don't want to change things
Leaving just as they were
I mean nothing's really different
It's me who feels strange
I'm always lost for words
When someone mentions your name
I know I'll get over this for sure
I'm not the type who dreams
There could be more


Can I take your smile home with me?
Or the magic in your hair

The rain has stopped
The storm has passed
Look at all the colors
Now the sun's here at last
I suppose that you'd be leaving
But I want you to know
Part of you stays with me
Even after you go
Like an actor playing someone else's scene
This could not be happening to me

Ooh… I'm not alone
Ooh… I'm not alone
I opened my eyes and you were there

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