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well it started out when we were very young
schoolyard kids on the prowl just havin Fun
smokin cigarettes and tryin to buy some beer
the eight before twentyone
those were the years
cause after All we are
we are all friends

do you remember when we stole the keys
to your brothers car
we were heading for the coast
we were heading for the stars
when we saw the Man in blue it was the end
we couldn't hang for days
but i still knew we were friends
cause after all we are
we are all friends

cause your always there
and it's always right
as it's always been
yeah It's always right
right on

goodtimes badtimes
you were there at anytime
and that is why you'll always be my friend
and i keep saying
after all we are
we are alL friends
after all you are
you're mY best friend

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Written by: Sprung Monkey / Steve Summers. Isn't this right? Let us know.