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I dreamed i was going down to Puerto Rico
Now i'm feelin' that i really gotta go
Cause i really want to get away and spend some time with You
To get away 'cause my life is getting kinda crazy
The only way to make it is to pray
That's why i'm really gonna get away
And spend some time with You

Or maybe cause i never want to get down
Never want to let you down
I'm thinkin' once i, maybe once i get away
Maybe put my thoughts down
You saved me and i thank You always
Now i live my life just for you


So i'm sayin' that i'm gonna pray it every day
And i know You're gonna always stay
Only You can keep us tight
So i pray with all my might

At times when i'm rollin' with my crew and on the run
And we're kickin' it all day and having fun
And we know that we should really go and spend some time with You
My mind it will stay and meditate on You
So when i'm down and when i'm feeling kinda blue
There's a word in my heart
That i really want to say to You


We came here so we could rock the rouse
Blow it up and turn it out
Make you dance, make you dance
Party up and we be puttin' it down
Baby, maybe we could rock the house
Turn it up and blow it out
Make you dance, make you dance
Stacie Joy Orrico came the rock the house

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Written by: Michael-Anthony Taylor. Isn't this right? Let us know.