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Give You My Lovin

Mazzy Star

Give you my lovin
seven days a week
i'll be your honey if you'll be sweet
i know i'm the only one for you
i know that you think this is not true
man says it's raining, raining outside
i'll be out there in a little while
cause you see, ran the mile to be w/ you
and everything has turned to you
see you in the places i'm following you
you'll be upstairs and i'll be there too
everywhere you go i will follow
i know it won't be the same tomorrow
people give me warnings, stay away from you
they say you'll hurt me, i don't think thats true
discomfort arrouses when i speak of you
as if you've been saying something bad about me
when i see you i want to kiss you
but i know that ain't right so i ask if i can hold you
oh babe i need you so bad
oh babe i only want to make you glad

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