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Don't Be Afraid

Stereo Mud

You don't like them stepping on you
You don't like they make fun of your name
You don't like they tell you what to do when
You just try to fit in
And they're all laughing
You're left there standing
Don't know what to do

When you feel hurt and afraid
Don't show it bothers you
Don't give yourself away

Eyes keep closing
And your minds exploding
And your angers growing

Can you …
Stand up for yourself - don't be afraid
Watch out for yourself - don't be afraid
Close up your fist you are not

Don't know how it began
Don't know who said it
Don't know who you can't trust are they lying
It's hard when you pretend
That they're not pointing
Their fingers feel like someone's
Pushing you …

When you feel better afraid
Pre Chorus
Don't be afraid - don't be afraid
Don't run run run …
Feel your eyes keep closing
Pre Chorus
Don't be afraid

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