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Nice To Be Out


He asked me: So, where have you been?
Let me think, now let me see
I stood once where Hitler's feet
Had stood when he made his speech
In Nuremburg in '38
He tried to build the perfect race
He said: Black man ain't gonna run
Alongside our perfect sons

It was Dallas to the library
The place they ended Kennedy
I stood where Oswald took his shot
In my opinion there's a bigger plot
Costners back into the left
The picket fence, the better bet
Paris came and Summer went
The tunnel's now a flower bed

The famous turf that made Geoff Hurst
The vodka stops to quench my thirst
Golden Gate stroke Alcatraz
And the fat man failed to get us passes
Jimmy's corner in Raging Bull
De Niro's jokes and bottled pills
Elvis tales from Mr. Woodward
Any Richard Burton if you could?

The tourists stare at tourist stops
One more picture, one more god
Another top up for a change
It makes you think, it makes you sane
Talking more about yourself
There's a mirror to have a check
Cheques are always passing through
Some depart, but a lot come too

Restaurant talk of pick your teeth
You bite your tongue or chew your meat
Sleep to drink or drink to sleep
One more week and we will meet
We'll talk of what we haven't done
Since we departed back a month
We argue why we have to shout
All in all, it's nice to be out

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