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This is the daybreak
And this is the love we make
For love is the law here
You got to know how I love it, yeah
It's more than a mover

You know it takes all fast, all song
Stone cold wild
Bring the love in
Son, brother, man, true nature child
I think I'll sing it

From Atlanta, Georgia
To MOSS SIDE, Manchester
Everyone ready, so
So willing and able
Yeah, yeah, yeah
For the love you make
Gone home sis
(huh, yeah, woo!)

She built it to make ya
We all love makers ain't we?
Sister Rosa Lee Parks
Love forever her name in your heart
Forever in my heart
(mmm, yeah, hoo, yeah!)

As I sing this song
Someone just got rolled on
(hey oh hey, yeah, woo, yeah!)

New York City
To Addis Abababababa
Keep on keeping strong
Keep on keeping on

So why no black on a radio station in this, the city?
Been going on so long, level on the line
I'm a leaf on the vine of time
Black bone sare the original bones
And this the whole wide world should know, y'all
I came to sing this song in your city
Ooh, for the dreamers
One more for the dreamers, yeah

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Written by: Alan Reni Wren / Gary Mounfield / Ian Brown / John Squire. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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