Pretty Song From Psych-out

Strawberry Alarm Clock

I can see you , you can see me as we stand
We can live forever, God and God is wonderful
And your face I've never seen it
Quite like this before
Though the moon is out , the sun still shines
You're beautiful

You are on the run and all your problem
I'm aware
In the silent world
You see the words I say to you

I am lost in a poet's dream
where skies are burgundy
Just to wave my hands and say the words
they will be blue

Put your trust in me
and try to see
that all you need is here
For the white dove is a prophecy
And the farway is near

Dancers, the ball scenes
the gay colored children of hapiness
Waiting the artists surround it
with flowers and holiness
With all that surrounds you
your problems will have no more meaning
Your mind will be free
And you will see it all

Look into the sky the sun is rising
see the light
That extends the purest yellow, gold
into the sky
As the world awaits
It suffice we still are holding on
To a tender kiss that mean so much
We start to cry
We start to cry

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