3 a.m. on the pac coast coming from the studio
To the solitary uno and the
Wearing nothing but her eyes and her ears
Glass reflects tears
Her blue
Eyes mirror the sun
Chorus of a siren on the eve of her sunrise
Wind beneath
Her feet drag the ocean tide
Whispering remember
"i'm the shadow by your side
And the fuel that burns your light"as i

Stay awake to watch you sleep
My eyes on the red eye home
The channel's dead and the frequency's fading
I think it's time, it's time you told me

You say that now just wait
I'll be fine and you can always
Save your breath the best for
On your knees you're a sucker for this laugh

I'm lost in a lateral
And i reach for the delicate ride
We were heading over vegas and the
Captain lost an engine
And a plane named fate went into a nose dive
I said
Shoot it to me straight cause i can not stand it
When you beat around the
Bush like some anagram bandit
So he said "we're going down and it won't be too
And in my last moments i kept wishing i could turn you on

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