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Don't Worry

Stroke 9

Woo hoo

Well it's hard to say what's on someone's mind
If a woman looks mean she might really be kind
She's smart, well-dressed, smells good, likes sex
But you can't get over her, can't get past her, can't get around your last
Let it go while your pride's intact
Don't vow to get her back
Look there, you're well aware
You blew that one and now you care
But when you walk around you think you see her everywhere

Don't worry, you'll find her
It's just a little reminder
Don't worry, you'll find her
It's just a little reminder

And just when you think that you're over something
One little sound it like rushes right in
Then it's on and then it's off and then you're sad
And then you're not
But you want to go for her
Want to impress her
But can't get past her predecessor
You're workin' through it though then the radio plays a song you know brings
her back
Look there, she's everywhere
You can't escape it's just not fair
And you still walk around with that stupid blank stare

You think you know what life's about
You're lucky now
You think you know what love's about
You'll work it out

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