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Better Days

Strung Out

"Some days im up, some days im down, some days i dont give
a fuck about anything cause yesterday i gave everything,
now i want something back, i wanna end it all, i wanna save
the world, i wanna take what was never mine, i wanna shout
it all out to the world, i wanna keep it all inside.

Here i am,
im just lookin for better days the ones that never seem to
come my way,
here i am,
im just looking for better days, the
kind that never seem to come, just when you need them most
I remember a time, not too long ago, when all my days would
only start in one shade of black, when all the thoughts thatdragged
through my head seemed to wash away the sun...always a dollar
short and one split secong out of time, exiled in a memory,tonight
ill drink...drink myself to sleep. im just part of all themadness here
i know, and everything i say or don wont ever chang a thing,when
words have all been spoken and intentions smoked away, i find
myself in the same old shit, the same old shit again...maybetoday
wont be the same, maybe ill just stand my ground, maybe another
time, another place, ill float myself out of here under theinfluence
of reality

Some days i drive myself insane, some days im all ive got, some
days im tired of seein the world take everything ive got, itshard to get
it right when doin wrong is all you know, ill take my chance whentomarrow
comes, with a little luck, ill grow."

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