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Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Strung Out

Tell me what you want from me
cuz i don't know
exactly what you
want me to be now
down here you won't see me crying
ain't got no time for that
i've planned a million ways
to sacrifice myself now
seems like every time i try to
gain a little ground i wind up right back
where i never thought i'd be now
down here it feels all right
plenty of time
to find another way
self destruction's the only way i know how to
maybe another time
maybe another day
i'll be strong enough to leave this place behind me
but like a clown i'll raise my glass to the sky
and toast another night
serenadin' my reflection
down here it feels all right
plenty of time
to find another way
to seize the day without this bottle
of redemption
so tonight i'll stumble my way home
maybe tomorrow i'll find myself a job
but tonight i got the moon and the stars
got a song in my head
and a pocket full of nothin'
well i got no plans
got no peace of mind
i gotta find a way outta here
took a little more than i gave away
don't tell me to get up
and try to get it right

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