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Never Good Enough

Strung Out

She's a big girl
and she knows just what she wants
she's gonna get her shit together
and get outta Hollywood
Daddy's little angel won't be comin' home tonight
when you're nowhere to be found
I'll know you're givin' up the fight
she cant hold her own
she said she's gotta
run away from here
this city's got the best of her
just one too many times
when everything's been said and done
the dust has finally cleared
i'll be your fool just one more time
be waiting by the phone
cuz i don't know
and i don't care
i'll do anything she wants
never good enough for you

well she don't need nobody anyway
that's cuz no one understands that
she's somewhere in outer space
knock knockin' at
my head again
this time you won't get in
she's in orbit now
i'm underground
and waiting by the phone
cuz I don't know and i don't care
i'll do anything you want
it's never good enough for you

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