Feel It Comin' Down

Stuck Mojo

I feel it comin' down
I see it all around me
Must break the cycle down
Will we ever see the truth

It's an apocalyptic time
An apocalyptic era
Days of autmn near
Hands shake in terror
Quivering, shivering, it's the start of the ice age
A hate, fear mixture starts the public outrage
123 class warfare the enemy
Fueling the fire with a single parent family
Disbelievers turn to welfare receivers
Underachievers, currupted leaders

I feel it comin' down
Let their heads roll
I feel it comin' down
Now who sold their soul

Spent your life all chilled-out on sedatives
The common man doesn't even know his congressman
Simple man, simple mind, a cog in the sprocket
So stay in your boat and don't try to rock it
Get up, stand up, put up or shut up
Time is now so run before the door shuts
You're only free if your open to see
Without a flag and a gun there's no liberty

Have some pride and you'll be all right
Search inside and you'll be all right
See the sign and you'll be all right
Break the binds and you'll be all right

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