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Southern Born Killers

Stuck Mojo

A southern born killer am I, I represent the dirty south boy, Till the day I die, Those stereotypes of country hicks we kill-'em, Our swagger and slang the thang they lovin' and feelin', A style that's so appealing to the masses, Got the whole world crunk and shaking their asses, Why, ain't no need to ask this, Trace your roots and you'll see, A southern born killer just like me, Who was born for this, Sworn to this, Can't be torn from this, Down south spirit I love, Embrace and hug, My 9 to 5 cats to them ballers and thugs, To them shortys with them sexy hips, Luscious lips, Raised on nothing but bacon eggs and grits, Hot girls sho the shit, Some straight up thrillers, Southern born killers

Top billa, Alabama thrilla
I'm a southern born killa
The fo reala
The original dirty south show steala
I'm an ego killa
A Bible belt thrilla
I'm a southern born killa
Come and get a feela of the one and only Southern born killa

I'm an SBK, Everyday all day and day, No other way for me, Wet from the sweat of my forefathers legacies, Blessed with memories that paved the way for the artists we hear today, Influenced by Southern Rock and Roll, R and B and Soul, Hip Hop heavens to Soundgardens, Bringing better smiles like braces to all your faces, No matter the places or races, Home run hitting the charts, Touching all of the bases, From clean cut cats to cats catching cases, Everyday we hustling on them paper chases, Like a tattoo it's hard to erase us, Damn it you can't replace us, Take a mental picture and trace us, True top billas, Fantasy fulfillas, Southern Born Killers

This is a Southern rock and rollabration, Soulabration, hip hop mash-up smash creation, Banging the heads of every fucking persuasion, Blacks and Whites man Latino and Asians, Engaging in conversation, This Southern Born Killer Nation Is off the rip equipped not stripped, We spit like major leaguers And leave the crowd eager, For more, more, more

Southern born for life until they church me, Bible verse me and dirt me, It will always be my home, Even when my spirit's gone, I'm southern born

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