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How Much Longer

Sugar Jones

I had the strangest dream last night just as I fell asleep
And now i wonder what it means
I tried to call your name, I screamed out loud but nothing came
And you just smiled and walked away

How much longer 'till I find the real love baby
I can't wait much longer here in vain
How much longer 'till we walk in the sunshine baby
I wanna feel that sunshine on my face

And as I travel deep, dreams turn into memories
Of things I buried deep in me
So scared and so unsure, things I've never felt before
Baby I just don't think I can hurt no more


How much longer 'till I find the real love baby
First day that you came along(came lalong)
Sweetness you went on and on(on and on)
When everyone had run their game and gone
Told me I was beautiful(beautiful)
Your words were so beautiful(beautiful
I felt like I was truly beautiful

Boy when I watch you leave
And those sweet words turn bittersweet
I've never felt so incomplete
But just one look from you is all you really have to do
And all at once the whole world seems brand new


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