<<Note: lines 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 are very hard to distinguish
the words from the song
so I took a stab as close as I could understand. Definitely NOT
the proper words, but close enough if you listen to it.
If you know the exact words let us know at mikesavo@sprynet.com
or slgreenm@wolf.co.net thanks>>

Now it's my chance for a one night stand
And I'm king of the can
I'm a ladies man
I got so many women hanging on my sleeve
so many fine women you wouldn't believe
Just wait till ya get near my feet
I got elastic love for a tournament
I can't stand the need now super freak

come on and ride with me

See that nation by the barn
with a foggy drink yeah that's a start
we got big clothing that's a cure
now I took it home so what the hell

Back off
Big Black Woman x2

woke up this month to the greatest site
of the man who has to spend the night
so the name was bad and I was good
.45 check under the hood
like this

Back off
Big Black Woman x2

give me liberty
or give me death x4

(oh I like that one)

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