Well, if you’d say it's better off this way
It's time that I’ll let you go
It’s been on my mind for days, and well
The truth side already knows
What you’ve done and where you’ve been
I know exactly every move you make
It’s time that I give up on our mistakes

And I don't wanna be
Stuck inside a memory
I don't wanna give
It’s hard to believe
When all you find in every word
Is more to seek

So do what you will
And go on and play the game
Straight as you keep your face
But tables turned you just may find
That I will say

I’m turning away
Because I feel like I can’t go on
While we’re living in this lie
And we know that my fate is gone
I don’t even want to try
There’s nothing that you could say
That could ever change my mind
And with all of these turns I take
And it’s giving me back my life

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