f/ Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy, Third Eye

Bom-ba-clot shoot the bom fire mon

Baby girl, you and I want to lie down
Yo' mate now or neva
Time no wait around forever
Step up to her in the area
So me got her to the motel
I love the girls there forever

But I say let love go, then let a lover stay
But I need to love the people that I met along the way
But I'm hoping there's a lot of the girls of these day
I say dolly, 'shamy dolly my baby
Oh, say dolly, 'shamy dolly my baby
A me say dolly, me say dolly my baby
A me say dolly, me say dolly my lady

I say she love and she driving me crazy
I say she love and she driving me crazy
It was the spot, Felipe around St. Johnny
And in the spot Mr. Cat and Johnny Puffy
The girl up there, me say she want the milk, and now she's honey
She found the place, I caught it and I really mak'er horney
So me say, "Catch, you are my one and my only"
She say, "I like it when you driving me crazy"
Oh baby girl you know I love you, love you madly
I said, "I love you like all the fish that go swimming out to sea"
And I love you like all the pocket money, loves some money
And I love you like all the curves on you, lover baby
If all of my girls are leaving, then she go across the sea
No matter baby girl, you're the one I wanna dolly


There's this girl and she killing me with charms
When I'm at home I have her in me arms
And the loving, and the kissing, and you know where we gone
No allowed to leave my Miss, I bring out me arms
I miss it, and I loving baby girl with the charms

[Third Eye]
Bling, bling! Who's that with Supercat
(Third Eye!, Third Eye!)
Yes black, where all my troopers at
(Uptown!, Uptown!)
They got my back but I'm still strapped
Got the real phat, phat track for my ill rap
Black, ain't no shame in my game, just because it's real
You think I won't scoop your girl, oh yes I will
Check it, check it, it's get hecktic, I'ma wreck it
I make fellas jump up and girls get buck naked
So, ring around the rosey, a pocket full of dough G
You know me, I'm low key, I'll smoke you like a stogie
There is no way you can see me, like Stevie
Wonder how I'm living G, oh I'm living lovely
It's a Bad Boy thing, '93 we coming through
Kick it with the flava dude, hit ya on the 1 and 2
Send you on a mission, and you think I'm crazy
Supercat, dolly, dolly dolly my baby
I'm crazy

[Puff Daddy]
Knock, knock (who's there?)
Puff Daddy, slick trooper from the Q, come with mad props
I freek the funky fly remix, kid
My man, we make hits, the fly shit that they kick
On your radio, it's the Bad Boy, look
Making mad noise yo, '93 so act like you know bro
(Who is it?) Puff Daddy rolling through with Supercat and Mary J.
So what ya say, what ya say

I love it when you call me Big Poppa
The show stoppa, the rhyme droppa
Supercat pass the glock, uh, I see you shivering
Check the flavor Biggie Smalls is delivering
Lyrical lyrics that's blowing lyrics out my larynx
Chubby competitor, quick to kick a chump in the chest
Yes, it's Bad Boy, (Right) hard to the core
Lord!, Me can't take it no more

"I'm a Bad Boy, I'm a Bad Boy, I'm a Bad Boy"

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