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some of the clouds are not clouds
some of those jets pose death threats
it's coming around
coming around
some of your rights don't win outright
some of your lights are not lights
the consuming fires of hell
burn this place to the ground
burn it right to the ground

I just write songs
I don't carry a gun
I want peace and safety for my innocent sons and wife
I just love God
I don't trust in man
On with the truth against the wickedness at hand

If you wanna usurp the power
I'll be ready in a half an hour
Give my life for that
are the devils ever nervous?
do they deserve the death they serve us?
I'm still not certain of that

sometimes brains are mundane
entertained and restrained
and sealed up tight
all the aspartame and the video games and the drugs in the food
keeping you subdued
so you'll never recognize who put out the lights

I just play guitar
I can't stop the war
I want peace and safety for the kids in kandahar
if you love peace
if you love mercy
you're bound to cause a little controversy

we've gotta usurp the power.
the devil seeks who he may devour.
keep your life intact.
the liars in his service
conspire to make me nervous.
i am certain of that.

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