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Gone Hollywood


It's just heartbreaking
I should have known that it would let me down
It's just a mind aching
I used to dream about this town

It was a sight to see
The place to be
Where the living is easy
And the kicks can always be found

It's such a shame about it
I used to think that it would feel so good
But who's to blame about it
So many creeps in Hollywood

I'm in this dumb motel
Near the 'Taco Bell'
Without a hope in hell
I can't believe that I'm still around

Ain't nothin new in my life today
Ain't nothing true it's all gone away

I've had too much cryin', seen too much grief
I'm sick of tryin' it's beyond belief
I'm tired of talking on the telephone
They're trying to tell me that they're not at home

Ain't nothing new in my life today
I'm tired of walking from place to place
I've yet to come across a friendly face
And now the words sound familiar, as them slam the door
You're not what we're looking for

Ain't nothing new
In my life today
Ain't nothing true
It's all gone away

If we only had time, only had time for you
If we only had time, only had time for you
If we only had time, only had time for you

It was a heartbreaking
Now I ride in a big fine car
It was mind aching
I'm the talk of the boulevard

So keep your chin up boy
Forget the pain
I know you'll make it
If you try again

There's no use in quitting
When the world is waiting for you

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Compuesta por: Rick Davies / Roger Hodgson. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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