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A World Of Our Own


Somewhere a dream away .
there is a better place, a brighter day
somehwere thats safe, somehwere thats free
where we can be together,


so just close you're eyes and let me take you there
to somewhere dreamers ever go
it wont just a fantasy
if u be there with me
the 2 of us alone
in a world of our own

a world of our own,
where we know we belong
a world of our own
where love is sure is strong can never die
lovers never say goodbye

someday a light will shine
and there will come a time
thats urs and mine
a time so sweet
so clear and true
we'll see right through forever


so wrap your arms around me,
and we'll leave it all behind
we're going where no one else will ever find us

chorus x 2

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Written by: Bernard Jackson / Bob Mann / Cynthia Weil. Isn't this right? Let us know.