* This time gonna try to keep it light
No teary Toni Braxton goodbyes
No use in dying of confusion
Skipping straight through to where
I'm thinking like confuscian
Auf Wiedersehn, don't you cry
Arrivederci, have a nice life
I'm too old to waste tomorrow
See you later sayonara

Vaya con Dios 4x

So you broke my heart and I lied
What's the point in wondering why
Just another test in loves little game show
In the story of my life
You're just a scene in an episode
No violins, no one died
"Here's looking at you kid" goodbye
You were never big enough to change who I am
"Frankly my dear I don't give a damn"

Vaya con Dios 4x

I'm going through 5x

* Rep.

Vaya con Dios 8x

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