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Ever heard of Vertigo? Well ain't no way else to go
Prevail knows the faculties, our poison lay you vertical
It's only murder for every small animal committed
The only difference is I won't admit I did it
There's a limit as to how far my posse's willing to bend
The Don of a burgendy autumn blinds the minds of most men
Comedy from the quarantine, praying for the end
You can tell by the stench that the venom's setting in
On the plane in which you reign, it's classified as do or die
But in the realm in which we dwell, it's puncture necks andmultiply
Imagine the madness, the return of the Jew from Nazareth
The hunter and the hunted, the colonizing and savages
The only challenge is, did they bring enough to dirt to bury us
Be aware, I hunt with the god of Cerabus
Where we're going, don't stress, there'll be plenty of time torest
Close the curtains, brace your sternum, this is just a contest

Chorus: Arabic singing


The ultimate experience, I've already felt it
Madchild tasting her tongue, his heart melts
With the second chance for this demon that she dealt with
Few and far between from Beauty and the Beast
To a perfect combination, once this passion is unleashed
Golden Angel, precious Princess and since
This is more than just lust, trust if not now, then soon
One love, we'll have our chance to dance on the moon
Now the feel the trance of this goddess, vicious vibrations
Lapdances, venomous serpents of temptation
Awkward balance, scars on my back from her talons
An evil evening, drinking blood by the gallons
Drenched, venting tension, adrenaline rush
Pain stains the carpet when you run into us
An effortless task, cold hearts and iron masks
Nightmares have been implanted, that you shouldn't try andgrasp

Chorus: Arabic Girl Singing


Come stand amongst us, just don't ask us who brung us
Just one of them amongst us, come on, you can trust us
We're the league that serves the justice, we're the confidentones
Come run amongst us and conquer someone
Madchild: Some come to seek honour
Prevail: Some seek to reek havoc
Madchild: Either you do or don't have it
Prevail: If we speak, it's tragic


When the sun rises, are you surprised that I'm a beast?
Leatherface withers, cracks, and starts to crease
Feel your heart rate decrease, the unveiling of the vain
White widow, crystal palace, champagne, who calls them strange?
Prevail: And down here it's the strangest thing
Madchild: Flaming skies start to fall
Prevail: My jaws of life, the cause of death, my breath swing awrecking ball
Madchild: This is your beckoning call
Prevail: While we checkin you all,
All praise the Circuit Breaker that circulates through yourwalls
And appalls all who call
Madchild:I brawl, maul, and maim

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