Nations come together as one
Forming candles in the sun
The candle burns deep inside his head
His wax mind is finally dead
His wax mind they all had learned
Secrets of those that burned
In the valleys with a gun
They still didn't reach the sun
Nations come together as one
Sending killers on the run
Controlling the crowd
They take the killers'
Place bold and proud
Even if I wasn't dead
I'd see the dying straight ahead
Believe in your destiny
Life is not, you seem to be
Nations come together as one
Chase the children on to the desert
Let them frizzle away and fry
Although in their mothers eye
We can say or do anything
As long as we're allowed to think
Let's make an example of them all
Take the institution down to a fall!

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Written by: Serj Tankian. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Sent by Vivian. Subtitled by Dark. Revised by Pablo. Did you see an error? Send us your revision.