I Seen Ya in Your Red Room Laughin'
With Your Shinin' Coffee Can
So Many Wrongs All Kinds a Goins On
Held My Head An Ran

But I Hid and Did a Bit More Lookin'
Saw Ya Dancin' On the Pine Porch Creakin'
Mouth Open An Doors Down Wide
Here's What Was Inside
I Seen What I Saw
An These Things I do Are Wrong, That's All
An These Tales I Tales I Tell Are Tall

Then I Climbed Up On the Big Horse Strapin'
Put the Spur Down to Blood
He Took Off Sixteen Horses Strong
Left Me Lyin' in Mud
An There I Sit Until the Sun's Up Shinin'
Yes An Black Stands My Ride
Twenty Hands High
An Watchin' Spookeyed
My Hands On His Side

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