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Freestyle (Stupid)

Tai Mai Shu

Microphone testing 1-2-3
In the place to be
whusup everbody? My name is Tai Mai Shu!
and I am going to be rapping for u today jus' a lil' freestyle
but first and for most i'd like to thank Roadie style beyondcompare
for geting my belt back and helping me promotion my skills
and in return i will teach them how to make one million dollars
And when you hear it you be like wow! I don't belive it! Sosimple!
no skilled involved at all I could've thought of that my self
and then u be like what? What the hell? I don't believe it.

Check it out though

I was crusin down the street in my impala
they ask me who the girl in the car its jus my baby momma
I don't give a fuck about the ho!
I sock that bitch in the jaw by surprise and pull the nails outya toes
cus im to slick, gimme the hebbijebbies,
break in all the houses, steal all the TVs
Kick you daddy in the peepee, ya so u can see see
I run the corner laughing hee hee, hee hee
get ur momma in a head lock o a full nelson
then i rip yor nipple out like chinese dude named wilson
then i rape his momma cus im too sexy
ish son take da dull shit!
Then I'm back in my impala, sickest asian dude
saw my friend young, his first name is eggfoo
alotta people don't like him, but i don't give a fuck
cus i stole you tv It's in my bubblegum bunker

I wish today was sunday so i could get a cheeseburger fo...
39 cents!
at mcdonalds (baby!)
and i wish it was wednesday so i could get a hamburger fo..
at mcdonalds (baby!)

We will fight alone just as we use to do in those days
alright fight alone just like in those days.

i was talkin to this girl, they say she want to kick it.
i bust a nut in her eyeball and say u full of bull shit
then she look at me and she say fuck you.
i say no way i have to go to school.
im a happy chinese boy, i have alot to talk about
try to argue wit me i say get the hell out!
i likea old school, i likea new school,
mygirlfriend like my name, Nihon Tai Mai Shu
if want to take a look, i like to eat jaokk
what the hell make you say bookbookbook
i take my skill serious and always not for fun
i like to eat cho fun and hog tie u when im done

chinese student go to school early in the morning
and I like to play kick ball inside the school yard
chinese student do homework and they study real hard
i walk by these good looking girls
and they say you smell like moth balls!

wow you do fight well
yeah whatever dude jus gimme a fuckin marlburo lights.


all my real chinese throw your hands up throw your hand up
all my real live chinese people throw them hands up
hong kong people throw your hands up
chinese people, japanese people, every people
throw themhand up

we wire! I am a warrior! we flashing on them!
i got 4's 4's so u kids no going
i am real hard! peace outside! damn u! U know what i say.

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