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Perfect Sense

Take 5

Oooh yeah
you like to run
and i like to chill
if i'm chillin' with you girl
every second that i have
you know i will...ha!
spend it with you
you're into movies
and resteraunts
and that's ok but
steamy nights with you
is what i want..
'cause i like it that way

people say that it won't work
we're not compatiable
as long as we're here
on this earth
we will be inseperable

you, me
different as night and day
all we ever hear them say
what seems to be
totally elogical
makes perfect sense to me
we might be light years apart
still we are tied at the heart
it's completely
and totally elogical
but it makes perfect sense to me

you like to go on
exotic cruises to Caribbean Islands
sip margaritas on a beach in Mexico
said oh oh oh i like to go..
walking underneth the stars
moon shinin' down on us
you me holdin' hands
we understand
we've got the plan
if that's where ever you are
that's where i wanna go
don't you know....

they can believe
what they will
we'll prove them wrong
come hell or high water
our love
will still be strong oh yeah...


i always heard that
opposites attract
you and i living proof
no matter what
love survives
after all..oh hey yeah...

chorus till fade

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