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Hanging Onto Your Love

Take That

Can we talk, throughout the night I need you so bad
And when we talk can you understand my feelings
And understand it hurts to be without you

Never prepared, never know what's going wrong
I'm losing though I always thought this love was so strong
So alone, so lost in the dark
So sad coz you will always have a place in my heart

Hangin onto your love
Hangin onto your love
Hangin onto your love
Hangin onto your love, I need it

Let's take a walk and reminisce about
The feelings we used to feel
Just say the word and I'll be back for good my baby
I'll be back to give you girl what you deserve

Did I say too much, did I try to rule your life
Did the love we had between us
Miss the road to paradise
Can we try again, can we chance it one more time
Can the ecstacy we found her
Be re-claimed as yours and mine


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