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Try Me

Tamar Braxton

Everybody needs somebody who'll be there
Someone to wipe the tears and make you smile
So if you need someone that will not judge you when you fall
No matter what you've done my love will answer when you call

So after your hearts been torn in two
And you just dont know what to do
After the rain has come and gone
And the sun still wont shine
After your friends have walked away
And you've run out of things to say
After you've tried everything else
Try me

Life can make you cry
And hurt you deep inside
I promise you I know the pain you feel
So if you let me love you I can take those clouds away
I'll fill your world with joy
You know your wrong I will erase

Even tho you hurt me and sometimes forget my name

My love is unconditional

That means that it wont ever ever change