I may not be as honest as I ought to be now that
When the walls go up
I said it didn't worry me
But it hit like an avalanche
No, I can't just be paranoid
Won't quell the desire to know
What was really going on
Does it really fucking matter?
Babe,is all you can ask me
Ok, fair play here we go

I've heard those words before
Are you sure it was nothing
Cause it made me feel like dying inside
Never thought I was insecure, but it's pure
Didn't notice until I was in love for real
And if we're really gonna cross the line
Just to find what your type is
If only I could reach your mind
Oh I'd be fine, I'd be normal
Now's my time, gonna do it

And suddenly I'm the phony one
The only one with a problem
True love it bringing it out of me
The worst in me, and I know now
Do you remember the time we were
The time we were by the ocean
I didn't care if it was day or night
The world was right where I wanted
Girl, I'm sorry
Babe, I mean it
Babe, I'm sorry

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Written by: Kevin Parker. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Sent by Douglas. Subtitled by Lina. Revised by 7 people . Did you see an error? Send us your revision.

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