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Kiss The Sky

Tatyana Ali

Close your eyes, and take my hand.
I know you're wondering, but you will soon understand.
See, love needs time to crawl low, and time to run free.
That's why we should get away so we can chill privately.
Through the week you go your own way, and I go mine.
Never truly enjoying each other; never a chance to unwind.

So, give your heart to me and my hands right now.
We'll search for tomorrow under a silver cloud.

At last we're alone.
And I want to fly so high that I kiss the sky all alone.
And I want to fly so high that I kiss the sky all alone.

It's quiet as the morning raindrops on the ground.
We'll bless so gently with the love that's all around.
And I'm so glad to know you the way I do
My special friend...we become much closer the more time we spendtogether in love.
The one I think of, when I'm farway, you brighten my day.
And now that you're here, my jets stand clear.

Want you always near by my side as we hide away.


Close your eyes; relax your mind.
Let's find the time to enjoy each other's love.
Take my hand; follow me; make it last forever and ever.


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