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Angel Of Fire

Temple Of The Dog

She stands on her suitcase
And looks out her window at me
The smile leaves her face
The mirror don't like what it sees
So she hides all her secrets
She's thinking I'll never know
That she burns like an angel
Into her fire she goes

She don't miss nothing
Even though she pretends she don't see
Everything she's watching

She puts her hand next to me
She says give me one reason
Why I should be here again
But then she blows out the candle
And shows me the reason again

Cause she loves like an angel
She burns like an angel on fire
On fire

After the movie
She walks in the park with a friend
She tells it to her straight
He don't mean nothing to me
She says I can't believe him
If I gave him enough rope he'd hang me
But when she turns to him
There's no place she'd rather be

Cause she burns like an angel
She burns like an angel on fire

And she's stuck
When she comes on so hot
And you have never felt
A heavenly slow burn
I'm so hot
When I leave her cold
Frying in her room
Like angels always do
And you think I love you
Just cause I said so

Butterflies shiver
She lives all the things that I've known
She's thinking her diary
Convincing her words as she goes
She says heaven forgive me
Am I going to pay for my sins?
Cause she burns like an angel
Everytime she lets me in

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