I'll Make It Easy for You

Ten Years After

Ten Years After
I'll Make It Easy for You
I can´t tell you how
but it´s not what I thought it was
Been nothing but trouble
A thorn in my side
One cut with a knife
Straight to heart of it
It´s all empty inside can´t be denied

I can´t sleep at night
God I wish I was dreaming
And in the morning I´d wake up
To find things alright
Let´s not drag it out
There´s nothing to talk about
If I´m not what you wanted
Not what you need

I´m breaking it down
No more pretences
Now´s the time for the truth
You can burst into flames
All I can say is
I´ll make it easy for you

Don´t want to let you down
But we´ve all got to save ourselves
We´re locked in a game nobody wins
Time won´t turn it round
If something is missing
The only way out is ´Never again`

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