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Tenacious D

This is a song

Spiderman, Spiderman
Does whatever a spider can
I-Is he strong? Listen bud
He got the radioactive blood
Hey there! There goes the Spiderman

Is he strong? Listen bud
He got the radioactive blood
Can he swing, from a thread?
Take a look overhead
Hey there! There goes the Spiderman

David Dark comin at 'em
He's got fucking, ultimate fighter championship, moves!
Here comes Spidey
He's not fucking, really Spidey
His moves didn't work, because he's fucking Spidey!

Spiderman, doesn't look right
He looks like, cheap ass!
Spidey, wearing the nike shoes
I can see the fucking BVDs
Outline...oh fuck Stay totally still!

Stay totally still
It's fucking sassafrassquatch!
I've been searching for him for ten years
And now's my chance to capture 'em
I'm not moving on...fuck!

He's using the web! He's using the web!
Using the Spidey! He's freezing the auidence!
He's using the fucking Spidey-
Twa, it didn't hold 'em!
It fucking holds almost everbody
But it didn't work on Sass!

He fucking used a Matrix move!
He fucking used a Matrix move!
Ha! What a fucking move!?
What the fuck is going down? Somebody help us

He's got the tranquilizer gun!
David Dark's got the tranquil gun
He shot him in the ass with tranquilizer gun
But it didn't...(starts to laugh)
Why's he have his cock out? That's not right!

Here comes Sassafrass! He's fucking, really pissed off
Now what the fuck is happening tonight?
It's looking like a fight!
-No! (starts to laugh a lot)

You should've fucking known!
Not to pull out your dick in front of Sass
He'll rip that shit right off! Now you're fucking bummed
What are you, no no
Don't make him suck your chode!
Ah Jesus!

He's sucking on his fucking chode!
He's gonna shoot your fucking load
If I know Sassafrass! Who's gonna shoot the load?
Ahh! That's no ord,nary creamer!

What the fuck? That's bad news Bears.
That's a lotta cum! That's way too much Sass cum
Sassafrass...he hasn't, fucking done enough

He's dragging him by the foot! He's getting him in position
I don't know what for!-
But I think it's finger licking! (laughs once again)

The ultimate bomb, ya'll.
Ah, no. The ultimate fighter championship-
He's flinging shit! And he's taking a dump...

Ah Jesus.. Wait a second, he's got him tricked!
The old stick, for the fucking Sassafrass trick
Works every time. See if you can, keep him alive
That rips. Life is a great big hang up.
Whenever there's a bang up-
You'll see Sassafrass and Spiderman!
Taking a shit on David Dark!

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Compuesta por: Jack Black / Paul Francis Webster / Robert Harris. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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