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Corporation Pull-In


Big money business
take what they can
always for a profit
never for the consumer
using all tricks
using to trap
taking all for money
for their personal gain
Corporation pull-in
Corporation pull-in
The rich get rich
the poor stay poor
working hard
all for nothing
life of dreams
shatter faith
down and grim
there's no answer
Corporation pull-in
Corporation pull-in
Always in it for the money
government bastards are to blame
no-one cares anymore
about society and economy
millions die
loss of values
corporation takes control
no way out of this misery
always backing big business shit!
The economy of this nation
is slowly drifting away
self-righteous bastards
never caring about society
Who - suffers - pays the price
People - prisoners - to the system
The wealth and greed
the power to gain
fucking over others
just to stay ahead
Can't they - see - they must help
Stop - the Pain - of mankind
Racial powerkeeeps minorities down
who died and made them god
If they want an apartheid state
then take your shit and fuck off

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